Summer Snow Leo

Who say’s you can’t be frosty in the summer? I couldn’t wait to wear my new shoes the hubby got me. I found these at …wait for it… TJ Maxx! Who would’ve known? I’m so obsessed. I thought they were the cutest and most comfortable office shoes and he said, “Aw you don’t really need those do you?” (thought bubble…of course I do…) Well, I walked away and the next day he came home and surprised me with them! How sweet! I love it when he does that! These shoes aren’t expensive ($30 in fact!) but they are super comfy and adorable. They have an insole about 1/2″ thick of what feels like memory foam. Its luxurious! The bottom is thick with a very slight heel. For people like me with flat feet that ache in thin shoes, these are amazing. I will be posting a close up of these shoes soon. This photo just doesn’t do them justice. I decided to accent the white with the snow leo top and matched a braided black belt and braided black headband to match the little braid on the top of the shoes! Simple, adorable! It just works! 🙂 Have a great day lovelies!


What do you think?

Top: TJ Maxx, Pants: Jessica Simpson Kiss Me Jegging, Shoes: Cliffs by White Mountain ($30 @ TJ’s eek!)

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