Swimsuits: Check!

Hey y’all! It’s Whitney with a little run-down of my swimsuit buying process lately. First of all, I have really been looking for a swimsuit with a little more coverage that doesn’t look like something that was dragged out of your grandmother’s closet. I tried on approximately 1 million (at least it felt like that many) before finding two winners. The first is this little black number from everyone’s favorite place ever, T.J. Maxx. It’s a one-piece with a little skirt. The strap is removable but I’m definitely going to wear it because I rarely do strapless anything. So yeah, I love this and it looks adorable on. So classy & feminine!

unnamed (1)

My next find was not a whole swimsuit but just the bottoms. I found this cute royal blue skirt bottom from the high-end establishment known as…Walmart! The color is great on my pale skin (porcelain, I like to say 🙂 ) and it has little ties on the sides you adjust so it won’t be loose. I didn’t find a top I liked to go with it while I was shopping, but I knew I had some already that will work. Here I paired it with a solid pink top (confession: I literally almost never wear tops and bottoms of swimsuits that come together-I always mix & match!).

unnamed (2)

So there you have it, my two new swimsuits that I found this year. Conclusion: swimsuits with these little skirts are my new favorite thing. Totes adorbs!


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