Posh Labyrinth

Well, we finally found The Labyrinth of Rome!

2poshpeaches went on a little adventure yesterday and found our inner peach.

Such a cute little place! Who would’ve knew?


View Above The Labyrinth of Rome



Sun Salutation LoL

image_2 image_1     image_12


Reflection Time for Posh Brunette


Stairs Leading to the Labyrinth


We also climbed in a huge Magnolia Tree!

image_5     image_11


A pretty bridge on one of the hiking trails. We didn’t hike very far though! Too hot for all that!

We had such a great time enjoying this beautiful place. Hope you enjoyed! Happy explorin’ 🙂
The Posh Blonde

2 Posh Peaches

About the Labyrinth: http://romegeorgia.org/attraction/labyrinth-rome/# Thanks mel_and_micah (check’m out on Instagram) for informing me that we had this labyrinth.


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