20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s.

I’ve never been one to get caught up on age or birthdays, it’s just a fact of life that we all get older. However, I can’t neglect the fact that I’ll be turning 30 next year and have recognized this is the last summer of my 20’s! Yikes! So, like any respectable woman my age would do, I’ve decided to not cry, but go on a health adventure! I figured I would take you along for the journey. So, I have 20 Days, 20 tips and I will say farewell to my 20’s in what else, other than a hot pink bikini?  😉 161-bikiniDay #20

Well, here’s my first tip. I hinted to it in the intro.

Never say the word, eh, uh, yuck, barf… I hate to even type it…DIET! No! No! No! It’s a health adventure! Now, doesn’t that sound much better? Phew! The “D” word implies you are cutting out x and y and probably z and starving and miserable and tired and overexerting yourself in some crazy fad workout … see my point? How exhausting! No, that won’t ever work. A health adventure is discovering new loves for food and exercise. It’s much more enjoyable and more effective! Who would’ve known I loved kiwi? I didn’t until I tried it! Yeah seriously! I never bought kiwi until this year. I’ve also started eating blueberries regularly. I used to ignore a lot of fruits and vegetables, because they seemed expensive or I wasn’t sure how I would cut or peel certain ones. Now, I’m finding that, “healthy foods being expensive” thing, is a total myth and even if they are a little more they are definitely worth it. Well, we also have this thing called the internet…oh yeah you are busted, you’re on it right now! So, learning how to properly peel or slice something is a snap! There are no excuses to try every fruit and vegetable on the planet now! 🙂 You may discover that you really love foods that you have been overlooking or avoiding. You may also find through your adventure in exercise that you love doing yoga, pull-ups or squats. You never know until you try!

So, that’s my quick tip for today. I plan to have one each day for 20 days, so stay tuned and keep me accountable! Now, go start your health adventure!

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