20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s: #14

Day # 14: Workout in Weird Ways

Let me explain myself…

Just because you are in the car or being lazy watching tv doesn’t mean you can’t work a muscle or two! I do this all the time! Yes it’s weird and I love it. Sitting in the car a lot can be a drag and a waste of time. You might as well get some use out of it. I work my calves and butt muscles while sitting in the car or at my desk and even flex my abs some at random times like this. This sounds so silly, but I think it’s actually pretty smart.

If you have an hour lunch break take 30 min to eat and then go for a 30 min walk or bike ride.

Everyone always says to workout while you watch t.v., but few actually do. Why not do 5,10 or 15 push-ups every commercial break? Or alternate between push-ups and sit-ups? While you lie on the couch you can do scissor lifts with your legs or even sit in a chair and lift your bum up and hold as long as you can to flex your thighs and butt. I love stretching while watching tv late at night before bed. It forces me to relax right before going to sleep and strengthens my muscles.

Lastly, mix it up. Try a few of these out here and there and see how they help! Obviously this doesn’t replace running or working out hard, but it’s a good way to make use of extra time or “wasted time.” Doing a little bit here and there and changing it up keeps things interesting and makes it easier to stay motivated. 🙂

Every time you notice you are just sitting there and could be lifting, pushing, flexing, etc. do it! Push yourself and you will be happy with the changes you see.

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