20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s: #13

Day #13: Isolate a Body Region

Pick a body part.
So you want your tummy tighter? Butt firmer? Calves toned? Arms stronger? Don’t try to do all of them at once. Pick one. When you workout, do a little bit of everything, but choose to zero in on that particular region. It works nicely to alternate activities. Do one, random thing and then your specified region, then back to a different random workout, then back to your target area. Do this for a couple of weeks and then change to another area for a week or two to give your muscles a rest and give yourself a change in routine. Once you are ready, go back to that muscle group you started with and zero in on it again for another couple of weeks.


For Example: Say you are wanting a thinner waistline and some blingin’ abs. Start by doing 50 crunches, then ten push-ups. Go back to crunches maybe even 50 on each side. Then say 30 leg lifts for each leg, then back to crunches. You can change to some side bend exercises, but make sure to continue doing something for your abs every other exercise. You get my drift.

Let me know how this works for you! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or need examples for exercises!

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