20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s: #11

Day #11: Moisturize

Moisturize Your Skin!
Sounds simple enough. Keep your skin healthy and looking young by moisturizing. Of course we all know you should moisturize your skin to keep a soft and supple texture, but don’t neglect your face! Use a good face lotion that is non comedogenic – meaning, it will not block your pores and cause acne. I’m adding this tip, because believe it or not some people are not aware of the importance of this or tend to forget and neglect their skin. I used to fall into the former category and now I sometimes fall into the latter.

For the longest time I thought it was crazy to put lotion on your face and that it would cause acne. However, if you get a good lotion formulated for facial skin and use it after washing your face, it will help to balance your skin’s health. Washing your face can dry it out, but a good lotion will help to replenish moisture without being oily or clogging your pores. I have seen a huge difference in my skin from moisturizing in the morning and evening after cleaning my face. I also feel it helps the little makeup I do wear blend much better.

How do I start this when I have acne?
If you do not currently moisturize and feel you have oily or damaged skin and are embarrassed, here are my tips to start restoring your skin. Find a good skin care routine that works for your skin and balances the oils in your skin. First, wash your face clean of all makeup every night. Every single night. Moisturize before bed and relax. Do not stress over how your face looks or poke or pick at your skin. You are going to bed, stop stressing! In the morning lightly wash your face with a moisturizing face wash-not a harsh acne wash! Moisturize once again and then if you are self conscious about going out with acne lightly use a tinted concealer with acne medication (salicylic acid). Try to avoid powder at all costs. Powder will only clog your pores and not let your skin breathe. Everyone’s skin is different, but in my case, I feel everytime I wear powder I end up with a bump or two popping up within hours. So, I just avoid it unless I’m wearing it to have photos taken or am at an event and I remove it as soon as possible afterward. These are just my personal tips, but I hope they help someone! 🙂

Here’s to glowing skin!

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