20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s: #9

Day #9: Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone!

Don’t Compare Yourself. Just don’t.
Let’s face it. It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. Not just our body type or appearance, but also our habits and abilities. Never limit yourself by comparing yourself to someone else. Whether it’s to praise or punish don’t do it. With the widespread popularity of blogs, social media, etc. it’s easy to view what others put out there for the world to see and put them on a pedestal. But why? Just because they put it out there? Because they can take a photo? Give advice? … I’m posting these tips to help someone else, not to put myself on a pedestal or compare myself to anyone. However, I can definitely say I’m not perfect and don’t stick to the best diet constantly. I’m learning so much myself from researching and trying new things with my diet, workout routine and beauty care and writing about it. Speaking of… I’m a little dehydrated right now so I’ve got to go grab some water! If you read my previous posts you know I struggle with that pretty bad.

If you take any of these tips to heart I hope this is the one. It’s healthy to be confident in yourself and take pride in your abilities and strengths! So, never compare yourself to anyone. Anyone you know, your family, friends, a celebrity. No one. After all, you’re way too special for comparisons.

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