20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s: #8

Day #8: No Soda, Coffee & Alcohol Sparingly

Okay, so you’ve heard this a million times, but I’m going to say it again. Cut out sodas. They really just aren’t necessary. Your brain is more powerful than the “addiction” you think you have to sodas. Replace them with water, flavored water, tea, juice. Just slow down on the cokes for goodness sake. You will see and feel a huge difference in your body. I will drink a soda here and there at a party or sometimes when I go out, but very, very rarely.

I used to also not drink much coffee, because it’s really not great for your skin, but I tend to drink a cup a day or every other day lately. That’s fine, but too much coffee isn’t good for your health either. You don’t want your heart racing and your anxiety level through the roof all day long. Also, we all know to drink alcohol sparingly, but if you are of age, yes I do say go for it! I believe a little bit is good for you every now and then…and my husband agrees. (He’s a doc.) I love red wine and they say a glass every night is good for you, so I say, go ahead!

Anyway, my main point here is try to drink lots of water and things that are more natural. Soda has just gotten out of control and people wonder why they are bloated, when you drink 10 cokes a day of course you are going to be! There, I said it. Oh and you’ll fart less. Your welcome.

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