20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s: #7

Day #7: Reward Yourself with Something, Not Everything!

Every now and then we all need to be rewarded. It’s positive reinforcement. When we are working out or trying to be more health conscious it is up to us to reward ourselves. That’s why every now and then it’s okay to eat a dessert or have a soda, just don’t go crazy with it. Some people call it a “cheat day,” but whatever you call it, just limit it. I don’t really like to say cheat day, because it implies I can eat whatever all day long without restraint. If that were the case this is what my day would be like: Breakfast: Custard filled donuts, mocha. Lunch: Chicken salad sandwich, fries or chips, soda, ice cream. Dinner: Mexican. A huge plate of Mexican. You know those “hot plates” that you think no one could possibly finish. I would finish it all and wash it down with a strawberry margarita. Then I would probably want ice cream before bed. I would also probably snack on bbq chips all day in between these meals. Now, do you think I would want to workout the next day? I would probably lay in bed sick all day from my food o.d.

It’s really fairly easy to trick yourself into a more healthy reward. Notice I said, reward, not rewards. Sherbet instead of turtle tracks, fruit or yogurt instead of candy and pudding, 1 soda a week instead of 1 a day. I truly believe that it’s important to reward your hard work and cut yourself some slack or you will get burned out and bummed out. Just try not to let yourself fall into the mode of rewarding yourself with every delicious edible sin on the planet in a night of binge eating. Yes, I’ve been there, done that!

So, that’s my tip. 🙂 Now go workout and have a bonbon, but, just one…so a bon?

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