20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s: #5

Day #5: Stretch & Reflect

At least once a week I recommend to take at least 30 minutes to an hour stretching. If you are not familiar with yoga lookup some videos on youtube, get some yoga mood music going on pandora and just sit, stretch and relax. Breathe deeply, think of how hard you have worked out all week, feel your muscles burning and becoming limber and be proud of yourself and let it all out. Don’t put pressure on yourself to learn a bunch of yoga moves or sequences, just go with the flow and take this time to yourself at home or somewhere you feel comfortable and free. You may want to pray as you stretch or thank God for helping you through your health goals. Stretching, reflecting and breathing is extremely healthy for your body and mind. It also builds your muscle strength. This can also be seen as a weekly reward!

Checkout my previous post Posh Labyrinth! Places like this + Yoga are definitely a reward! Posh Labyrinth


2 Posh Peaches


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