20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s: #2

Day #2: Study

A huge part of this health adventure is learning, growing and maturing in your decisions for a healthier lifestyle. One of the best ways to do this is to do research. Google, read blogs, watch youtube videos, lookup recipes, go to the library-YES the library- and take advantage of all the resources available to you! You can learn anything these days by searching and reading. You can learn different forms of exercise like dance or yoga just by watching videos and reading books. You can try all kinds of different recipes and explore different types of food too! Anything you want to know or need to know can be found online or in a book. It doesn’t hurt to even read a few inspirational books whether they are self-help, lifestyle, or autobiographies of successful people.

Become an expert
What part of your health adventure is the hardest? What are you struggling with the most? What do you know the least about? Choose that subject and become an expert in it. Research everything you can about it and choose to embrace and love it! Convince yourself it will pay off in the end. If you can’t convince yourself you love it (just like I can’t convince myself I love this half-marathon I’m training for) then commit to doing your best for a certain amount of time, say for instance two months. Then, when that time is up, if you still don’t love it move on to another subject, but at least give yourself the opportunity to learn and grow and possibly fall in love with something you may have never expected!

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