20 Days, 20 Tips, Farewell 20’s: Complete!

In case you missed any of the tips I posted with my 20 day adventure I’ve listed them below. It’s very possible you missed some, because it took me well over 20 days to complete! I definitely underestimated how much time I would have to post them and went on vacation during the time, etc. However, I made a commitment to complete it and I did! So, I’m very happy to announce that the mission is complete and I would love to hear your feedback/comments! I hope this has in some way inspired someone, even if just one person to a healthier lifestyle. I would love to hear how your health journey is going and the things you have discovered along the way! For me, it’s a continual journey and process to fight my urge to be lazy or eat junk food. The best thing about writing these blogs is that in some way it makes me feel like I should hold myself somewhat accountable to fulfill each of these, since I have given this advice to do so! I feel much healthier since I have adopted these habits and am getting much stronger.

Thank you all for reading! Please follow 2PoshPeaches and feel free to share our posts. We are very excited for things to come and are going to be launching many new types of blog posts very soon. 

Here’s to a healthier you!

#1: Smile
#2: Study
#3: Play Hard, Rest Hard
#4: Set Realistic Goals & Expectations
#5: Stretch & Reflect
#6: Don’t Starve Yourself
#7: Reward Yourself With Something, Not Everything
#8: No Soda, Coffee & Alcohol Sparingly
#9: Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone
#10: Push Yourself
#11: Moisturize
#12: Take A Break
#13: Isolate A Body Region
#14: Workout in Weird Ways
#15: Celebrate Yourself
#16: Drink Tons of Water
#17: Find A Buddy
#18: Pick A Meal
#19: Play
#20: Never Say “Diet,” It’s A Health Adventure

2 Posh Peaches


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