Closet Clean Up

With 2015 drawing closer to an end and the weather turning cooler, I feel like this is the perfect time to clean out closets! Around this time of the year is usually when I change out my summer clothes for my winter clothes. So here’s my tip: when you have both sets out at once, take the time to go through everything. I like to do three piles:

-Yard sale/online sale

Try to donate or sell items that 1) you haven’t worn in a year 2) no longer fit you well 3) aren’t your style anymore.

If you want to keep sentimental items (high school or concert T-shirts, etc), just limit the number (3 or 4 instead of 15!). I also try to only keep things to sell that are good quality & that I know other people will want-otherwise that’s just more stuff sitting around that I could have taken to Goodwill.

08b98eb9-f054-46f6-85df-57768b4ac95b (1)

I’ve recently been making an effort to slowly transition my closet from so many random things to a more cohesive wardrobe with versatile pieces. It doesn’t happen overnight, but taking advantage of times like these when I have all of my clothes out anyway make a big difference.

It’s tempting to hang on to everything “just in case,” but I always feel so much better after getting rid of clothes I don’t wear/need. The extra closet spaces gives me the motivation to re-organize. Plus, the cash I make from any yard sale or online sale can go toward new items!

What are your tips & motivation to keep your closet tidy?

-The Posh Brunette


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