Explore Chattanooga: The Scenic City

Today I wanted to share a few highlights from the city I have called home for 2 years now: Chattanooga, Tennessee! It is an awesome place to live & to just visit. It even won Outside Online’s 2015 Best Town Ever! Check it out: Chattanooga is the Best Town Ever!

Because I love Chattanooga, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite places that I have visited since I’ve been here.

1. Rock City Gardens
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Why I liked it: The views here are pretty unbeatable. Also, it has a fairytale/gnome theme that is right up my alley! They also have tons of seasonal events. Check it out here: See Rock City

2. The Tennessee Aquarium

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Why I liked it: The aquarium is a great size, and it is right downtown so you are close to great restaurants and the river. My favorite part was the sea otters! Check it out here: Tennessee Aquarium

3. Ruby Falls


Why I liked it: Caves are fun! It’s a fairly long, squished walk down to the falls, but if you’re not claustrophobic it’s really fun. They have spotlights shining on the falls so the water changes colors. Check it out here: Ruby Falls

4. Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum


Why I liked it: You get to ride a real train! The ride is a decent time length, and you get to see some pretty views along the way. Check it out here: TN Valley Railroad

5. Renaissance Park


Why I liked it: There are so many great parks in Chattanooga. I like this one because it’s close to the water, has fun statues, includes a wetlands area, and has biking/walking trails. Check it out here: Renaissance Park

6. Glen Falls


Why I liked it: The trail to Glen Falls was one of the first hikes we made in Chattanooga. It’s a beginner’s trail, and you end up at a beautiful waterfall and pool area. Check it out here: Glen Falls

7. Blue Hole


Why I liked it: This is actually in Soddy Daisy, TN but it’s not far from Chattanooga. It has lots of hiking trails, and the water is an amazing blue color. Check it out here: Blue Hole

8. Bluff View Art District


Why I liked it: This adorable area of town has an amazing coffee shop (Rembrandt’s Coffee), a bakery, great restaurants, amazing views, and a sculpture garden! Check it out here: Bluff View Art District

9. Point Park


Why I liked it: The drive up Lookout Mountain is always fun, and this is a nice large park with paved trails as well as a small museum. Check it out here: Point Park

10. Downtown 


Why I liked it: There’s always something to do! You name it: concerts, festivals, restaurants, theaters…downtown Chattanooga has it all. Check it out here: Downtown Chattanooga

So that’s my list of fun places to visit in Chattanooga, and it only scratched the surface of what this town has to offer! Hopefully this inspired you to visit somewhere new or even re-visit a few sites in your own hometown…adventure is waiting everywhere!

-The Posh Brunette


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