Oscar’s Big Adventure

Oscar is…how do I put this…a spoiled indoor house cat. Ha! He stays in the house 24/7, although we occasionally keep him in the garage when we have guests over. He is my only posh pet, and I like to keep him close!

Well, this past weekend he went on an adventure. There is a very large park not far from our house, and we decided we would take him there. He has a harness & leash that we have used a handful of times before (putting the harness on him alone is an ordeal). So we loaded him up & off we went.

Oscar shocked my husband & I both by doing a great job! We took him to a picnic area where no other people were (we didn’t want any large dog encounters), and he hesitantly walked around there for a little bit. After a while and lots of encouraging, he actually took to walking the trails! My husband & I couldn’t believe it, and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Whoa where am I?

What’s over there?

Hmm maybe this isn’t so bad.

Hey I could get used to this after all.

Guys, we couldn’t get over how great he did. So here are a few tips if you’re thinking about tackling the cat leash with your own posh kitty:

-Baby steps: We put the leash & harness on Oscar and took him out in smaller, safer areas several times before this (my parents’ backyard, our deck, etc).  We have even let him wear the harness around the house to get used to it.
-Patience: Oscar is well over a year old, and this is the first time we tried this. It takes some building up to.
-Celebrate: If your cat shows any progress on a leash, that’s a great thing. If they walk even a little bit on the leash, that’s awesome!

Thanks for joining Oscar and I on this adventure!

-The Posh Brunette


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