Posh Peach Guide to Fall Necessities

It’s fall! That means sweater weather, scarves, pumpkins, boots, yummy food, and lots of coziness in general. In keeping with the spirit of fall, I wanted share some of the things that I’ve been loving/needing/obsessing over this fall:

  1. White pumpkins: So classy! I still love orange pumpkins, but adding a white one in there gives any fall decor a little something extra.image
  2. EOS lip balm: If you’re like me, colder weather usually means chapped lips. I’m obsessed with the pink EOS, and I apply it approximately one million times per day. Mine pretty much lives on my desk at work so I can grab it easily.image
  3. Simply Nature organic light roast coffee pods: We got these from Aldi, and they are so good. I love trying new coffee types, and this one is definitely a new favorite just in time for fall.image
  4. Hand lotion: Along the same lines as the lip balm, I’m always using hand lotion in the colder months. My current favorite brand is Thymes in the Moonflower scent, which I scored from TJ Maxx (#maxxinista over here!).image
  5. Fuzzy socks: Truthfully, fuzzy socks may be my one true love. I’m pretty much always cold, and in the fall & winter I really couldn’t survive without all of my warm fuzzy socks. The brighter, fluffier, and cuter-the better!image

What are some of your fall favorites?

-The Posh Brunette


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