So, I turned my hair into a bow.


Ready to see how it turned out?


I’ve seen this hairstyle online a lot lately and have been wanting to try it. I got the urge to do it today and finally followed through. I watched a video, which I really liked that was very helpful and the girl is super cute! I’ll link it below. I don’t have extensions in my hair, so you can see how it isn’t as full as hers, but still looks good. I was surprised at how easy it is to do, however, I’ll need some practice with this. I had trouble hiding the bobby pins. I think it’ll get easier with practice. I also had trouble getting all the lumps out of the hair above the bow, but I used some bobby pins to pin it down and used my fingers to loosen some of the hair up. I think thick, glossy hair would work easier with this style. The only thing I did different was I used a hair band to tie it in a pony tail first and then used a seperate band to do the half pony / bob thing. I just thought that would keep it in place better. I like this a lot and got compliments on it at work. I think I’m going to try to do it with my hair curled. I think that will help disguise the bumps and make it even cuter. I may even do it and then crimp the hair that’s left down. She is right about not making the middle piece too thick. It works easier with a thinner piece. I’ve also seen this piece braided before. So cute!!!


Kind of messy, but not bad for the first try!

Half-up Hair Bow Cute Hair Tutorial by: Luxy Hair

Have fun girls!

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