Deborah Lippmann polish + link to freebie!



I love painting my nails! Yes, I love going to the salon, but there is just a certain satisfaction a girl has when she paints her own nails and they actually turn out looking great. This love began young, I blame my posh granny! She always had her nails painted and bought me nail polish all the time. When I was little, we would file and paint our nails together. I was a pretty big tomboy growing up, but that didn’t stop me from having the prettiest nails around!

So, today I’m highlighting a nail brand that I love, Deborah Lippmann! Thanks to none other than my posh granny for this love. She got me this set of Deborah Lippmann polishes a couple of Christmas’s ago and I have fell in love with it. Every time I use it I’m amazed at how nicely the polish goes on and how long it lasts. The packaging is also super convenient! I’ve dropped it into my suitcase for trips before, because it has a great variety and I know it has everything I need and because I just love doing my nails on vacation! It’s also great because I can set the polish in the compartments as I do my nails and they won’t tip over. If you are not familiar with the brand I highly recommend you try it! Deborah is a renowned celebrity manicurist whose nail polish and treatment products are of exceptional quality and are affordable. Unfortunately you can’t get this particular set anymore, because it was a one time special, but she has similar sets on her website at:



My set has 3 collections: Treatment Nail Lacquer Quartet, Classic Nail Lacquer Quartet and Statement Nail Lacquer Quartet. It literally covers everything you could ever need and want to apply to your nails! The quality is unbelievable as well.


Treatment Nail Lacquer Quartet

The Treatment Nail Lacquer Quartet includes: Cuticle Remover, Cuticle Oil, Gel Lab Base Coat, Gel Lab Top Coat. Okay, now I’ve got your attention!


Classic Nail Lacquer Quartet

The Classic Nail Lacquer Quartet includes: Fashion, Sarah Smile, It’s Raining Men, and Single Ladies. I really can’t choose a favorite out of these. They are all so good and rich in color. The consistency is thick and smooth. These go on like a gel without needing any sort of lamp. They also tend to fill themselves in. When you think you have a little spot that isn’t completely full, it tends to fill as it dries. It’s pretty cool to watch! Its also easier to apply without making a mess of it! The Gel Lab Base and Top Coat also work wonders along with these polishes. I’m not typically a fan of base and top coats, but these just work. They all dry quickly and harden well also.


Statement Nail Lacquer Quartet

The Statement Nail Lacquer Quartet includes: Mermaid’s Dream, Groove Is In The Heart, I Know What Boys Like, and Stormy Weather. This set is more for when you really want to “make a statement!” Mermaid’s Dream is just that…it’s a dream! It’s a VERY fun polish! Stormy Weather has become one of my favorites, because it is very versatile and calm without being too dark. It is a great neutral grey. These also go on similar to a gel, except Mermaid’s Dream of course is a little different, because of the glitter in it.


Fashion & Sarah Smile, so classy!

I can’t wait to try more of Deborah’s nail polish and treatments! Of course, I’ll keep you informed when I do!

Want to snag a Deborah Lippmann polish of your very own? Go to Allure Free Stuff to enter to win a Deborah Lippmann nail polish in, “Whatever Lola Wants.” Hurry, this giveaway only lasts until midnight!

Until next time gorgeous girls,

2 Posh Peaches



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