Closet Hack!

I love life hacks and I love, love, LOVE my closet! It’s the one room in the house that my husband never steps foot in. So I can literally do whatever I want with it! I’ve been rearranging and changing things in it since we moved in, but I finally think I’ve found some of the best ways to organize it. In the process I found an easy switcharoo that I thought I’d share!

This was my closet before:


What a mess! I have a shelf in there somewhere… All my shirts were dragging the shelf, my pants were on the bottom almost touching the floor and I had things in the floor under the pants. Tsk tsk. So, I decided to change things up and I switched it all around! I put the pants on the top rack and the shirts on the bottom rack. I have a few long shirts that drag, so I put them in the corner with my dresses! Voila! Now My clothes are neatly organized and I have a shelf I can use!


I rolled t-shirts and sweats and put them on the shelf for easy access. I have much more room in my closet now that I can utilize that shelf!


BEFORE                         AFTER


End Result





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