DIY Rosewater

I have a ton of roses! I mean, so SO many! I have about 7 knockout bushes and an old fashioned vine and since spring has finally sprung they have begun to come in beautifully and in full force! So, I decided instead of letting these beauties in all their glory go to waste, why not harvest them in some form? Cutting some also promotes more growth for the entire summer, so it’s a win-win! Hence, this diy rosewater!

I considered making a couple different things with the roses, but i decided rosewater was the most useful for me right now. I have been wanting a new toner as I phase out some old ones and I’ve heard the claims of wonders that roses will do for your skin. After all, they not only smell beautifully, but they are so velvety soft! I’d love my skin to mimic a rose.

This is the easiest DIY I believe I’ve ever completed.

Step 1. Get some roses. Better yet, grow some. Knockouts are literally zero maintenance (with the exception of cutting back once or twice a year) so why not?

Step 2.  Cut some roses. Cut back to a healthy leaf and avoid cutting your baby bloom buds. I cut probably 10-15, because my knockouts don’t produce as many petals as say, a long stem rose. So just get a few handfuls and you’ll be fine.

Step 3. Rinse the roses off and check for critters. We don’t want to roast any bugs into our rosewater!


Step 4. Pat the roses dry and break them up into pieces. Breaking them up helps to release their oil.

Step 5. Fill a pot with distilled water just enough that it will cover the roses. Some people like to go ahead and put the roses in, but I like to wait to get the water hot first. Bring to a boil then turn to low and let the temperature come back down.

Step 6. Dump the petals in the water and cook on low heat for about 25 min. Stirring occasionally.


Step 7. The roses should lose their color and you will see the water has turned the color of the original roses. Strain into a bowl, squeeze with wooden spoon to get all the good water out of the roses and pour into your desired jar or spray bottle. There you go!


You now have rosewater! I’ve heard this should be good for about 6 months. So, I’ll be making another batch sometime around fall to get through winter! I’m using the rosewater as a toner. It softens and moisturizes the skin and makes you feel like Marilyn Monroe.

Image result for gif marilyn monroe dreamy


*Extra tip: The bottle I’m using is great! It’s from the dollar tree. You open the cap, take a cotton pad and press down on the “button” and it squirts just the right amount onto the cotton. Perfect for toners!

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Closet Hack!

I love life hacks and I love, love, LOVE my closet! It’s the one room in the house that my husband never steps foot in. So I can literally do whatever I want with it! I’ve been rearranging and changing things in it since we moved in, but I finally think I’ve found some of the best ways to organize it. In the process I found an easy switcharoo that I thought I’d share!

This was my closet before:


What a mess! I have a shelf in there somewhere… All my shirts were dragging the shelf, my pants were on the bottom almost touching the floor and I had things in the floor under the pants. Tsk tsk. So, I decided to change things up and I switched it all around! I put the pants on the top rack and the shirts on the bottom rack. I have a few long shirts that drag, so I put them in the corner with my dresses! Voila! Now My clothes are neatly organized and I have a shelf I can use!


I rolled t-shirts and sweats and put them on the shelf for easy access. I have much more room in my closet now that I can utilize that shelf!


BEFORE                         AFTER


End Result




DIY Floral Arrangement under $30

Beautiful urn flower arrangement for under $30? Yes it can be done!

Hello gals! Today I completed my pretty floral arrangement diy project for under $30 and it looks fantastic! This all kinda happened by accident. We have been wanting an outdoor arrangement for the front stoop for some time, but every large pot or urn we tend to find is $50 or more and then when we look at accounting for flowers it seems like it will end up being a $100 accent piece that may die in a week. Wom Wom… So, while shopping at my new favorite store, Aldi :), I stumbled upon a great deal! This urn was on sale for only $11.89! (Regularly only about $18 I think) Now, don’t be fooled it is not made of stone, but thick plastic. I like that better though, because it is lightweight and won’t break or crack as easily.


The flowers I found at Walmart. Yes, I’m not ashamed! I went to Lowe’s yesterday and spent forever looking. I’m sorry, but theirs just didn’t appeal to me and seemed overpriced. So, today I hopped on down to the ole Wally World and their flowers just looked a lot better. So, I picked a bunch to fill up the urn! I chose White Petunias  1 @ $1.28, Red, White & Pink Begonias  2 @ .91 , Pink Impatiens 1 @ .91, Hypoestes 2 @ .98 , Trailing Vines 2 @ .99, Spikes 1 @ $1.98 , and splurged (lol) on a couple of Lysimachia 2 @ $2.96 to give that little extra vintage trailing look.

There you have it! Urn = $11.89 + Flowers =$15.85 = $27.74! (Ah-Ma-Zing!) I’m so proud! I think it just looks fabulous!

What do you think? Let me know below! 🙂 Do you want to see more home & garden posts?

As the birds chirp and the sun sets, I hope where you are it is as lovely an evening as the one I’m enjoying!

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